e·con·ics  (ɛkˈə nɪks, ih-kaan-iks)
1. a multi-disciplinary combination of the disciplines of ecology, economics, engineering, finance, and management to deliver an improved ecosystem management platform as a gateway towards sustainable development in a sustainable functioning socio-economic system. (read about founding concepts of econics here)

e·con·ic (ɛkˈə nɪk, ih-kaan-ik)
plural noun: econics
1. a selfless, uniform-wearing, tireless-goal-achieving, usually ontime, toiler in the multidiscipline of econics. (see some examples of econics here)
1. a qualifier that means something or someone functions in a capacity that enables and sythesizes efficiency in an ecosystem. Eg: WaterWorth(TM) technology is econic.