Who are WaterWorth Users?

WaterWorth users tend to represent small and medium sized communities. Our biggest is home to 117,000 people and the smallest less than 1,000. The average population is 31,500 and the median 20,800. WaterWorth has the capability to handle the data for even the largest cities, but our focus continues to be on smaller towns. These are the places that we have always worked with and know best. As well, we feel that the bigger communities are already served well by the consulting industry and have the resources to help with rates analysis. Water and financial managers wear many hats and we aspire to put tools in their hands to make their jobs easier.

What are WaterWorth Users Like?

Our users come from diverse situations. For example, we work in a lot of different climates so we see a variety of water use patterns. Each community faces different infrastructure conditions and demands. Some are pressured by state governments to upgrade water or wastewater facilities, while others have already crossed that bridge.
Our users also have a lot in common. All of them are determined to get on top of revenue sufficiency in order to ensure that they have enough money to run their water systems sustainably for the future. They would rather replace steep, intermittent, and politically unpopular rate hikes with steady, predictable rate changes that get them off the “rate roller coaster”. They want to have the right tools so that they can bring rates analysis in house rather than relying on consultants. On top of all that, these communities want to be able to have better communication with elected officials and the public about infrastructure funding.

Where Are They?

WaterWorth users are all over North America. We already are in 15 US States and five Canadian provinces. More users are coming on-board every week.
Interested in learning more? Ask us for our reference list and talk to some WaterWorth users directly.