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WaterWorth™ is a data processing and modelling platform developed specifically to support better decision making regarding sustainable water, wastewater and stormwater service delivery. The platform fully integrates several different datasets related to water, including: climate, metered consumption, municipal customer billing & taxation, long term financial planning & budgeting, infrastructure inventories, infrastructure renewal, land use planning, system expansions, regulatory policy, and national & international benchmarks.


What is the WaterWorth™ v2.6 Advantage?

  • WaterWorth™ does the heavy lifting: based on Microsoft Excel, it alleviates the pain of sorting, organizing, filtering, classifying, combining and analyzing data for hours on end.
  • Standardized results: WaterWorth™ lets our clients know exactly what they get when they work with us. In fact, we can show you examples before we even get started.
  • Faster delivery: our processes are well defined, so we can work through your data proficiently. This means shorter delivery times for our project.
  • Easy updating: Clients often complain that consultants’ work becomes outdated almost right away. WaterWorth™ offers a modeling platform that can be updated easily. Once your baseline data is entered, refreshing the outputs is simple and economical.
  • Interactivity: The near-instant scenario exploration capability of WaterWorth™ facilitates and accelerates the decision-making process. We can work through different results with you and your stakeholders in real time over the phone, in your office, or in your Council chambers.
  • Efficient communication: Most consultants are happy to hand you an 80-page report with detail you don’t want or need. WaterWorth™ produces concise and informative summary reports with simple graphics. You and your stakeholders can easily understand the findings.
  • Lower costs: WaterWorth™ lets us do our work very efficiently, which helps keep our costs down. We pass the savings on to our clients.
  • Gold standard knowledge systems: We built WaterWorth™ using the best available information and industry best practices. Outputs are reliable and accurate, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.