guide_request-copy-buttonEconics helps municipal water service providers and other agencies to set rates, control demand, forecast revenue, manage infrastructure and engage with municipal councils and the community.

Most of our services are standardized. Thanks to our WaterWorth™ technology we can deliver our services in individual modules or in packages. This means our clients know exactly what they get when they work with us. We can also tailor all our services to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Standardization also means lower costs and faster delivery. You’ll be surprised by the low cost of our services and be amazed at how easy it can be. We can give you a demonstration so you can see for yourself.

Contact us to request a copy of our Buyer’s Guide, pricing list and package offers.

Demand Management

Demand Management: Understanding demand and improving efficiency is the starting point for meeting water supply needs. Let us help you evaluate, enhance and deliver a cutting-edge conservation program to your community.Metering Cost Benefit Analysis: Is metering worth it? How far should you go? There are many ways to move forward besides universal metering. Find out what makes sense for your community with a low cost assessment.

Water Use Accounting: Where is water being used in your community today? Find out with a low cost analysis that will help you make decisions about managing the supply for tomorrow.

Water Pricing

Water, Sewer and Storm Pricing: Revenues are the lifeblood of the organization. They need to be sufficient, equitable and effective. Get the price right!Easy Asset Management Planning: Asset management doesn’t have to be hard. We work with you to examine the current inventory and develop a realistic renewal schedule that you can sell.

Long Term Financial Planning: Sustainable management of large and complex infrastructure requires looking far into the future. Let us help you forecast and plan your financial roadmap.

Community Engagement

Community Based Social Marketing: Information alone won’t always lead people to make desirable behaviour changes. We analyze the barriers and help you design and deliver effective and popular social marketing programs.Policy Analysis and Research: Effective planning and policy making depends on understanding environmental, economic, and social dynamics as well as the often competing expectations of stakeholders.

Community Engagement: The key to long-term success is to communicate effectively with your community. Let us help you get everyone onboard with sustainability.