Brand new home page

The next time you login, WaterWorth will have a new and improved home page, which will make it easier to navigate around the model.


WaterWorth now supports scenarios!

You no longer need to manage your scenarios in multiple copies of the Excel onboarding templates. Now you can save them directly in the tool and revisit them whenever you want.


New interface to guide you step-by-step

Our new WaterWorth interface holds your hand through a step-by-step process to develop your financial model. It will ensure you don’t miss anything important along the way, and will help you continually refine your model as you input more parameters, like capital reinvestment rates and base-use declines.


Advanced table functionality

WaterWorth now has data-entry tables that look and feel like Excel so you can cut and paste directly into the tool. You can still onboard data with the WaterWorth Excel templates, but we’re willing to bet you’ll prefer this new way of doing things.


A new dashboard

WaterWorth’s new dashboard allows you to test the sensitivity of certain parameters, such as inflation or reinvestment rates, to see how they impact your financial outlook.


Live in-tool support now available

WaterWorth’s new live online chat tool makes it quick and easy to reach out to us for support whenever you need it.


CapEx inflation functionality

Capital expenditures can now be inflated to make your projections more realistic.


Linear growth option for sale of service revenues

Are your revenues from water sales growing linearly? No problem. WaterWorth can now accommodate linear and compound growth rates.