New Home Page Next time you login WaterWorth will have a new and improved home page which will make it easier to navigate around the model.
Step by Step Modelling WaterWorth now takes you through a step by step process of developing your financial model. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything and guides you through some of the more complex analyses, such as determining capital reinvestment rate and calculating base use decline.
Scenarios WaterWorth now supports multiple scenarios. This means that you no longer need to keep your scenarios in multiple copies of the Excel onboarding templates.
Advanced Tables WaterWorth now has tables that look and feel much like Excel so that you can cut and paste directly into WaterWorth. The need to use the Excel onboarding templates for the financial model may be obsolete now – although onboarding the old way will still work.
Dashboard There is now a dashboard that allows you to test sensitivity of certain parameters, such as inflation or reinvestment rate.
Intercom We have a live online chat tool so you can stay in touch with us in a way that is more real-time and responsive than using email.
Capex Inflation You can now set inflation rates on capital expenditures.
Linear Growth in Sale of Service You can now specify a linear growth rate rather than a compound growth rate.