Be patient – first login takes a minute. Please note that if you haven’t logged into Waterworth in a while your next login may take a minute or so since your browser’s Waterworth cache will be cleared requiring a full download of the client. Subsequent logins will be much quicker.

New chart engine. You might have noticed – we just updated Waterworth’s charting engine. We tried to keep things looking and feeling the same but some of you keeners will notice the differences – most of them improvements. For example: the chart options bar in the top right of charts contains new items for improved zooming and panning of chart areas. You may encounter a few glitches with the updated system and if you do, please let us know. And be assured that Waterworth’s underlying analytical model on the server has not changed and your models are all very much intact.

Better performance. We’ve made several performance improvements to speed up the time it takes for tools to refresh. This is to handle the larger datasets we’ve been receiving from some of our bigger clients.

Improved tables. We have also improved how tables work, again to deal with large datasets. Rather than send the entire dataset back to your browser, which greatly slows things down, we send the data in batches, or pages. So when looking at your data in a table, remember that you’re looking at a subset of your data and you need to cycle through several pages to see it all. You can increase the page size but if you make the page too big, your browser may slow down. And, now you can add new items in tables.