Below is a list of some of the great clients Econics has provided services to over the past few years, which include governments at all levels and a number of non-governmental organizations. To protect our clients’ right to confidentiality, we only provide links to reports and other work products that are otherwise freely available online. Click here to find out how we might be able to help you.

Local Governments

City of Courtenay, BC
Rates Review.

City of Guelph, Ontario
Outdoor Water Use Review.

City of Guelph, Ontario
Residential Water Conservation Marketing and Communications Strategy.

City of Leduc, Alberta
Water Conservation Efficiency and Productivity Plan.

City of Port Alberni, BC
Long Term Revenue Sufficiency Review, Conservation-Oriented Rate Structure for Water and Sewer and Water Conservation Planning.

City of Vancouver, BC
Greenest City Garden Workshops.

Columbia Basin Trust, BC
Metering Assessment Project for CBT Communities.

Cowichan Valley Regional District, BC
Shawnigan Lake North Water System Demand Management Strategy.

Comox Valley Regional District, BC
Asset Management Planning and Water Rate Designs for Several Service Areas.

District of Lillooet, BC
Design of Water Rates for Transition to Metering.

District of North Vancouver, BC
Review of Water Conservation Program and Demand Savings Forecast.

District of Port Hardy, BC
Water Rates Review.

District of Tofino, BC
Water Rates Review, Conservation Strategy, Review of Watering Restriction Bylaw

Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District (Kelowna), BC
Water Rates Review.

Metro Vancouver, BC
Technical Review of Water Response Plan, CII Market Research Project to Assess Practices and Programs to Conserve Water in the Metro Vancouver Region.

Mill Bay Waterworks, BC
Asset Management Planning, Full Cost Recovery, Long-term Financial Plan, Water Rates Review.

Region of Waterloo, Ontario          

Water Efficiency Master Plan Update.

Regional District of Central Kootenay, BC
Basic Asset Management Planning.

Regional District of Nanaimo, BC
Rates Review.

Regional Municipality of York, Ontario
Conservation-Oriented Water Pricing Analysis for the Long-Term Water Conservation Strategy.

South East Kelowna Improvement District Kelowna, BC
Water Capital Works Program Funding and a Long Term Rates Model to Support Water Quality Improvement Project.

Town of Gibsons, BC
Revenue Sufficiency Model, Water Rates Review and Communications Planning.

Township of Langley, BC
Water Conservation Program Review and Detailed Analysis of CII Sector Trends.

Village of Cumberland, BC
Water Rates Review.

Provincial and Federal Government

Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada
Use of Economic Instruments to Encourage Irrigation Water Use Efficiency.

BC Ministry of Environment
Water Data and Information Sharing: Qualitative Market Research Report. Read More here.

BC Ministry of Environment
Review of the Science Tools and Processes Used to Issue Mine Effluent Discharge Permits under the Environmental Management Act.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Plumber Water Sustainability Training in Canada: Scoping Investigation Report.

Province of BC
The BC Drought Response Plan. Read more here.

State of Queensland, Australia
The South East Queensland Integrated Urban Water Management Task Force.

State of Queensland, Australia
The South East Queensland Pressure and Leakage Management Project.

State of Queensland, Australia
The One-to-One High-Volume Water User Program.

State of Queensland, Australia
The Home Waterwise Service.

Associations and Not-For-Profits

Alberta Municipal Services Corporation
Water and Wastewater Services Business Case.

BC Real Estate Association
Costs and Benefits of Homeowner Investment in Residential Water Efficiency Technology. Read more here.

Blue Economy Initiative, Canada
Water Sustainable City of the Future Project. Read more here.

POLIS Water Sustainability Project, University of Victoria, BC
Every Penny: Conservation-Oriented Pricing in Canada. Read more here.