The Water Brothers, Alex and Tyler, combine investigative journalism with eco-adventure. They explore and report on the societal and environmental impacts of our civilization on our oceans and our freshwater supplies. They deliver their message in a positive style that both reminds us of the seriousness of the issues while also inspiring hope that we can make a difference in the way we live our lives.

Econics had the chance to listen to and meet these guys at the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, which was hosted in Calgary Oct 16-18.  They reminded us of the many serious issues involving water on our planet and of the important work we all do to protect water in our own communities.

Their take away message and top issue? Soft plastic. Its ubiquitous presence in otherwise pristine environments is evidence of how widespread human impacts are. Avoiding and reducing our use of soft plastic is a simple and powerful action we can each take to keep our only planet healthy.

The Water Brothers` awesome videos are online here. No doubt you’ll be inspired too!