The Forum for Leadership on Water has just released a report titled Smart, Strategic Investments for Urban Water Sustainability: Seizing Canada’s Infrastructure Moment. The report provides strategies and recommendations to help align anticipated investments in water infrastructure and governance with a vision of sustainability, resilience, and innovation. Three key strategies underlying the report’s recommendations are the following:

  • get the most out of existing assets by improving asset management, maximizing water efficiency, and optimizing wastewater treatment facilities;
  •  invest in living green infrastructure to build resilience to climate change, improve performance, and reduce construction costs; and,
  • accelerate uptake and development of innovative technologies and practices such as nutrient recovery, water reuse, and energy efficiency through the use of incentives and enabling regulatory regimes.

The report includes many specific actions organized under the umbrella of three recommendations:

  •  include project assessment criteria that prioritize and promote sustainability, resilience and innovation;
  • create dedicated funding streams to support municipalities in implementing strategies that prioritize and promote sustainability, resilience, and innovation; and,
  • modernize existing Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations in ways that stimulate and drive sustainability, resilience, and innovation.