Econics is wrapping up its second summer of successfully delivering Greenest City Garden Workshops for the City of Vancouver. This program is helping the City to meet its water conservation and waste reduction targets, which are identified in the Greenest City Action Plan.

Each summer, fifty residents were randomly selected to voluntarily host a garden party for their friends and neighbours. A professional garden consultant was sent to the host’s own backyard to share customized expertise with the party around water-wise gardening and effective composting practices.

This summer, our garden consultant, Catherine Dale, observed that many residents made the connection between lawn health and watering practices when she took a soil core sample and demonstrated the sub-surface anatomy of their lawn. Hands-on small group experiences are proving to be an effective way to modify residents’ attitudes and behaviours towards water conservation and waste reduction.

The program was designed using Community Based Social Marketing methodology. Design of demand management programs are a core part of Econics’ services. Give us a call to discuss hosting your own garden parties or creating a program for your specific needs.