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We provide services under three core themes: lasting supply, lasting revenue, and lasting community support.
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Lasting Supply

Every community has its own reasons for conserving. In some cases, it’s limited supply. In other cases, it’s the need to reduce capital or operating costs. Sometimes there are environmental drivers – protecting sensitive aquatic ecosystems, for example. Drawing from experience working with successful and acclaimed water conservation programs around Australia and North America, we help our clients evaluate, enhance and deliver their water conservation programs. Our demand management work is driven by our “5E” Framework. We come up with comprehensive and integrated solutions: it’s not just about engineering, and it’s not just about communications and marketing either.

Lasting Revenue

Inevitably, communities have to pay for the equipment and services that store, treat and distribute water to our homes and businesses. If we fail to invest in our systems, deterioration of urban infrastructure and reliability problems will be the result. We’ve been helping municipalities set rates and forecast revenue for a decade and we’ve learned a few things along the way. We use our WaterWorth software toolkit to help crunch the numbers. Sustainable financial management of large and complex infrastructure requires looking far into the future. Let us help you forecast and plan your financial roadmap.

Lasting Community Support

The key to long term success is communicating effectively with your community. You have to understand what motivates people and the barriers preventing more sustainable water use or supporting financial changes. You also need to ensure that your marketing communication is compelling, targeted and cuts through the clutter. We can help you build a great communications plan or program to support either your demand management or water rate update efforts. Let us help get everyone onboard with sustainability.


When it comes to managing water rates,
we let WaterWorth™ do the heavy lifting.

WaterWorth™ is a new, better way. It offers the best of both worlds:
an affordable web-based platform that lets you design your own rates,
and expert support if and when you need it.

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Our Team

Meet our Econics leadership team


Kirk Stinchcombe

Sustainability Specialist

Kirk has worked in the area of water management for over a decade, both from within governments and in advisory roles. He has an MBA, a Masters in Environmental Studies, and is a certified Project Management Professional. His mission is to improve the water sustainability of communities.


JP Joly

Sustainability Specialist

JP has a degree in computer engineering. For the past 15 years, he has been building models and providing expertise to help local governments with asset management, long term financial planning and utility rate setting.


Rebecca Mersereau

Sustainability Specialist

Rebecca has a Master of Science degree in water resources management and undergraduate degrees in biology and education. She is also a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) and is currently working toward a Master’s of Public Administration. She is passionate about water efficiency and sustainable management.

Who We Work With

Since our founding in 2009, Econics has worked with local governments, state and provincial governments and water utilities across North America.
Our largest municipal client serves over 2 million people and our smallest has only a few hundred service connections.
As well, we routinely complete policy work for various agencies at the provincial and federal level and not-for-profit organizations.
Call us for a list of our recent projects and examples of our work.