Release 2018.03.23

Brand new home page The next time you login, WaterWorth will have a new and improved home page, which will make it easier to navigate around the model.   WaterWorth now supports scenarios! You no longer need to manage your … Continue Reading

Release 2017.10.19

Be patient – first login takes a minute. Please note that if you haven’t logged into Waterworth in a while your next login may take a minute or so since your browser’s Waterworth cache will be cleared requiring a full … Continue Reading

City of Port Alberni Adopts New Water and Sewer Rates

The City of Port Alberni is committed to creating a sustainable community that promotes environmental, social and economic prosperity. Under this guiding principle the City recently reviewed its water and sewer utility to ensure there is a long term financial … Continue Reading

Sustainable Services Delivery

Managing infrastructure is an iterative process that responds to changing environmental, economic and social realities. The process is centered on sustainable services delivery. It begins by articulating community needs and values and defining levels of service to meet those needs. … Continue Reading

Meet with us October 16-18 in Calgary at CWWA conference.

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association and the Canadian National Water Efficiency Network are pleased to present the Canadian Energy and Water Efficiency Conference. The Conference will be held October 16-18, 2013 at The Westin Calgary in Calgary , Alberta. … Continue Reading

JP Joly and Kirk Stinchcombe form Econics

Kirk Stinchcombe, original founder of Econnics, joins forces with JP Joly to transform how water sustainability services are delivered to local governments. Econnics is transformed into Econics as it acquires WaterWorth(TM) technology that enables standardized services delivery at standardized prices. To … Continue Reading

Econics acquires AquaVic WaterWorth v2.5 technology

Under an exclusive ownership arrangement, WaterWorth v2.5 technology tools and associated services have been transferred to Econics effective December 31, 2012. Econics founder, JP Joly, has worked with AquaVic as the principal developer of WaterWorth technology since 2006. This means … Continue Reading