Highlights from new report on investing in Canada’s urban water sustainability

The Forum for Leadership on Water has just released a report titled Smart, Strategic Investments for Urban Water Sustainability: Seizing Canada’s Infrastructure Moment. The report provides strategies and recommendations to help align anticipated investments in water infrastructure and governance with … Continue Reading

How Does Your Community Stack Up? Insights from the 2016 BC Municipal Water Survey

The BC Municipal Water Survey 2016, undertaken by the Water Planning Lab at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning, provides an overview of water consumption and pricing, metering coverage, and conservation initiatives across British Columbia. The data are based … Continue Reading

Sustainable Services Delivery

Managing infrastructure is an iterative process that responds to changing environmental, economic and social realities. The process is centered on sustainable services delivery. It begins by articulating community needs and values and defining levels of service to meet those needs. … Continue Reading

Econics Moves Downtown

Econics has moved from the ‘burbs to the centre of the action. Easier access to resources, more bike-friendly commuting, and a more stimulating office environment prompted the switch. We share our new space with Tectoria, an organization that accelerates technology-focused … Continue Reading

Join Econics at the Western Canada Water Conference

Where will we get our water savings from in the future? Demand management initiatives have matured from the “water conservation” era, beginning in the 1970s, to the “demand management” era, in the mid-1990s. Now, in many places across North America, … Continue Reading

One Year Flies By

They say that time flies when you are having fun, and we can’t believe it has been a year already. Louise Brennan and Ben Robinson joined Econics in the spring of 2013; a year filled with exciting challenges, steep learning … Continue Reading

What is/are econics?

e·con·ics  (ɛkˈə nɪks, ih-kaan-iks) noun 1. a multi-disciplinary combination of the disciplines of ecology, economics, engineering, finance, and management to deliver an improved ecosystem management platform as a gateway towards sustainable development in a sustainable functioning socio-economic system. (read about … Continue Reading

Blue City: The Water Sustainable City of the Near Future

What colour is the sky? What colour is the ocean? What colour is your city?! Blue City: The Water Sustainable City of the Near Future is about an urban environment that is in sync with nature and with its citizens. … Continue Reading

Inspiration from “The Water Brothers”

The Water Brothers, Alex and Tyler, combine investigative journalism with eco-adventure. They explore and report on the societal and environmental impacts of our civilization on our oceans and our freshwater supplies. They deliver their message in a positive style that both … Continue Reading

Econics releases WaterWorth v2.6

We have recently enhanced our Waterworth technology and released version 2.6. The tool suite now supports at least a 20 year planning time frame for all the various modules. Cost-of-service and billing impact analyses are comprehensive. Waterworth makes use of and … Continue Reading